Trial 53
Dani is a stubborn girl who is forced to participate in a new trial therapy, Trial 53. Reluctant at first quickly spirals down to the root of her trauma and finds herself on the verge of an unwanted breakthrough.
We filmed Trial 53 in a studio with Visual Effects at our highest priority. We used green screens to achieve this mixed with some practical effects as well.
I attached myself to this production because I am some who struggles with mental health and I believe it is important to seek out help for it and this film shows an extreme version of how therapy can help. This project was challenging leading up to production because we had some major players drop out last minute as well as a COVID-19 scare so we had to do a lot of rescheduling during shoot as well as change dates at last minute. But we were able to get all the footage we needed to finish the film.
Budget, Cost Report, Shooting Schedule, Call Sheets, DPR's Available upon request.

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