Samantha North is an aspiring director and producer, whose love for cinema and television, is only outmatched by her unique vision and her incredibly strong work ethic. Before directing her first short dramatic film, Bounty 500, Sam had already directed the play, Trapped. 
She is currently gaining international experience in a Producer role through her internship at the University of Florence, where she will get to exercise her project management skills by researching visual concepts, locations, media production services and suppliers in one of Canada’s co-production treaty countries, Italy.
During her time at Humber, Samantha worked on 12 short films, in various roles and across all genres, providing her with an in-depth and broad understanding of media production at all levels. A true collaborator, Sam has solidified her reputation as a leader and someone who brings projects in on time and on budget using her heroic problem-solving skills. In addition to her amazing people skills, Sam is also adept using the Adobe Creative  Cloud, Google Workspace, Protools, Media Composer and Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling to name a few.
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